Are there 12 Secrets Swirling around Congress that you ought to know about?

By: Loren C. Due Ph.D.


Are there 12 secrets swirling around Washington D.C. that I think you might be interested in knowing. One of those secrets deals with a recent ruling by the Supreme Court; however, if it is a secret as I heard it, it is no longer a secret because I know about it. The funny thing about it the Lord revealed it to me several months ago that this was on the way and I shared it with me wife.

The Lord impressed on my spirit that we are in some of the last days before the return of the Lord to catch His people away. Too many Christians I believe are too busy worrying about what the world is doing and not spending the quality time resolving their own personal issues. The world will have its time to be judged at the “White Throne” judgement; the only real concern we can have for the unsaved is to share with them the plan of salvation and hope they receive it.

If you are on the fence about salvation you might want to want to consider this fact, Jesus actually was hung on a cross, his body placed in a grave and he arose from the dead by the power of the living God. This article is not about personal salvation, but salvation from ignorance and existing with heads stuck in proverbial sand.

We are to know the devices of the “Devil” and one of those devices is to bring the whole world under a complete reign of sexual perversion. The “Devil” was successful in causing God to rain fire and brimstone from Heaven on Sodom and Gomorrah. God is not going to rain fire and brimstone on America because of the strong hold of sexual perversion at this time; but He will display His fierce anger on the whole earth during the “Tribulation Period!”

One of the secrets that the Lord told me about is mentioned among the twelve as alluded to by former Congressman Tom Delay. I know he was convicted and the conviction overturned. Tom Delay in a YouTube video titled “RWW News: Tom Delay Knows of Secret DOJ Memo to Legalize ’12 New Perversions” shares his thoughts. If this article is not hyperlinked when you get it, you might want to type in your address bar the title above given so you may hear for yourself what is said by Tom DeLay.

In the same You Tube video I am posting a quote about a tactic that could be use by the states to disregard the same-sex ruling. The quote says “anyone who “understands the Constitution” knows that the legislative and executive branches do not need to enforce a Supreme Court ruling, “and not only that, if the states would just invoke the 10th Amendment and assert their sovereignty, they could defy a ruling by the Supreme Court.” I do not know if this is true but you certainly should test it to see the validity.

I mentioned on different program series aired by my wife and I entitled “Sex in the Bible” which looked at all the sexual issues described in the Bible. The programs aired over several weeks and here is an example and link to one of the programs that are archived: If you are interested in the series you may request it by emailing your request for the series “Sex in the Bible” by Dr. Loren Due.

The intent and fulfillment of the series of Sex in the Bible uses the Holy Bible as a platform for the series. There is much controversy over what the Bible says about sex which is why the series was done to share what the Holy Spirit taught me about the various meanings of what the Bible was addressing about sex. I believe the Holy Spirit has a way of getting one’s attention to address sexual issues universal to all. There are some things that are just “NASTY!” Those items that are just “NASTY” are included in the 12 Secrets Swirling around Congress. You must understand what is considered “NASTY” to me, may not be to the next person; each of us has a tolerance level and threshold that allows us to deal with issues unique to our upbringing and spiritual convictions.

Some people looking at a roach or two and/or a snake could make them very sick; just as if they were to observe someone practicing one of the twelve items being considered to be legalized. One of those 12 items is incest. I share incest because in parts of Europe it is already legalized. What will you do if they legalize incest? What will you do if they legalize all 12 categories they are contemplating?

The key for all of this for the body of Christ is to do nothing toward the world, but encourage each other in the body of Christ to maintain the integrity of a saved person. Too often people in the body of Christ are geared to judge the world when they add another offence, but the Bible tells us judgement must began at the House of God, not the world. Let us do as the Apostle Paul encourages in 1 Corinthians 9:27 by keeping our body under control and maintaining the behavior which becomes a saint.