Corner of Oceanside Avenue and Naples Lane!

By:  Loren C. Due, Ph.D.


Article 1


What a way to start the new year in the emergency room waiting to be transferred to ICU while your loved ones hope and pray you pull through from being hit by a drunken driver who failed to stop at the local stop sign. From all indication you were very blessed that the Lord protected you when the drunken driver hit your car basically from the passengers’ side and wiped out the front end of the car.


They could not believe you made it out of the car but you did. The right front side looked like a pan cake after it was smashed into the left side, but the engine the way it was sitting absorbed most of the blow. The mechanics said it was good you were on your way to get gas; otherwise you would have been part of a major explosion – Boom!


The fact that you had your seat belt on and the other driver did not is another factor in your receiving so few injuries. That guy just walked away after they freed him the wreckage drunk as a skunk! He was arrested and taken to where they take people like that out-of-control.


That stop sign had been there at that corner ever since the developer built that sub-division. People in the neighborhood observed that over the last few years more and more people were not stopping at the stop sign but rather touching their brakes and going on. The careless behavior apparently is happening all across America.


More and more people are impatient and taking the risk of not stopping at the stop sign. You wonder if this little indiscretion is an indication of other behavior that appears to be a simple breaking the rules but has a deeper meaning behind it. Is it an indicator of something seriously wrong with the person or is it a minor thing?


There are those that study the psychology of driving and they have placed a serious negative value on people who run stop signs. Because if you run the stop sign when you are sober you will certainly do like the fellow above – run it when you are tipsy or drunk. The guy above did not have anyone in his car, but you wonder if he had a passenger would that passenger say anything to him about running the stop sign?


Is it that when people drive alone they are like race drivers – daring and less caring? Or when they have a passenger they are more likely to be careful and less daring! Who really knows, but it is amazing that people will do things so crazy once they get a little or lot of liquor in them. They say that the liquor lowers the inhibitions. Does that mean it is easier to commit suicide since you think you won’t know it? (Just a funny question)


I am not advocating suicide, but it is amazing what liquor will do to some people. The person in the hospital is not real happy now that his car has been totaled and he has to stay in the hospital with all the air pathogens and bugs that circulate in most hospitals. This person has been robbed of choice; he has no choice but to remain in the hospital until he is declared well enough to go home by a doctor.


Can you see that all the above decisions has caused unnecessary pain and suffering by the person who did not stop at the stop sign? That same kind of pain and suffering is more than likely to happen over and over again her in America as more people take their liberty as if it has no value. We are a free nation because most people agree tacitly to obey the laws of the land – and one of those laws states that you consciously stop at a stop sign when you approach one.


As you have read this article you hopefully have been asking yourself “Am I one of those people who stop at the local stop sign(s) in my community?” The article is meant to cause you to become more aware of your own behavior and those you have control over if you are a parent. The old adage asks “Am I my brother’s keeper?” I say we are. Would you kindly start to slow down in the local communities and be sure to STOP at all stop signs when you encounter them?