Healing in the knee!

August 2016

Thank you, brother Loren, and sister Arjeana Due. I was listening to you via the Omegaman show and heard you say God was going to heal someone. You invited people to call and get healed. I had listened to one of your other programs the night before and the thought of getting a miracle stayed on my mind. I have been asking for healing for my knee on and off since I got saved less than a year ago. I called into the show and you asked me to get some anointing oil as a point of contact. I applied it as we were talking. You told me that GOd said that I was discouraged. Yes, I was! I told you how my Left knee was swollen and needed healing. It has been very difficult to walk and I’ve been in excruciating pain on and off for over three years. I have been using a knee brace even while I slept because of the pain. You asked if I had been examined by the doctors and yes I had been to my primary care then went to the Neurologist and pain specialist and all confirmed that my knee pain was related to having RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome). During our conversation, Prophetess spoke and said that I should have had therapy. She is absolutely right. The specialist did say I also should have had therapy as well, but he never did prescribe it to me. Prophet Loren then said God was going to heal me! Then he said I was healed! Once you said that, my cell phone cut off and I couldn’t hear you. While I was trying to call back into the show, I felt that something left my knee and that it felt lighter. I then walked around my room and felt no pain. While I was calling you back I walked up and down the stairs in my home and I was in awe!! I could walk down the stairs!! something I was doing with great difficulty before, I now did easily. I did hear cracking noises in my knee which caught me off guard. I put more anointing oil as you asked me to do early in the call. This eased the cracking a lot. I am in amazement and awe that Jesus did heal me! I am sitting right now with my leg crossed and my knee bent typing this. I couldn’t do this just one day ago! I am having no pain in my knee either! Prophetess Arjeana gave many things I can do to help my knee and leg stay better. Drink green tea, Take vitamins, minerals and especially Vitamin D and Vitamin C, The two vitamins that I have not been taking much of lately. I will be doing all that she suggested. I am now able to bend my left knee up to my chest!! Something my right knee has difficulty with!! The feeling was ecstatic and I was walking around on a natural high feeling that God loves me and healed my knee and the heaviness in my leg and knee is gone!! I praise Jesus for this healing. The knee issue had stopped me cold in my life and had me bound to my bed for many hours a day. I was wondering how I was going to do the work the Lord has for me. Praise GOD!! Jesus healed me and answered that question!. I Praise my Lord Jesus and thank you so much that he worked through you and your wife and that both of you were willing to let him. Thank you so much for dong the Lords work! I have been blessed so much by your ministry.

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