Remembering Domestic Violence Month!

By: Loren Due, DMin, Ph.D.

Article 25


2016 is like all the years gone by with the exception of the fact that more domestic violence will be recorded this year than most. It seems that some people just can’t live in peace; peace is not supposed to come to this planet until the millennial. Can you imagine a thousand years of peace – no devil or evil flesh that destroys? It is a marvel that in a society who boast in Rolls Royce’s, Mansion’s, Hilary Clinton, Joel Osteen and other splendors of humanity!


To remember something means that you have experienced it before or you are still involved in it. Our subject reminds me of what we do each first Sunday of the month when we partake of Holy Communion with the understanding that the only persons supposedly participating are who have received Jesus as Lord of their life.


The relationship of remembering Domestic Violence and Holy Communion is the fact that you have once been involved one way or another with domestic violence. The connection is either direct or indirect; regardless of who initiated the offence it took place. The fact that you are still reeling from the impact of it allows your mind to make it seem as if it just happen. Even if you were a bystander who saw with your eyes and heard with your ears the devastation of domestic violence you are scarred for life or until you receive deliverance or healing or something!


The act of domestic violence is violent or aggressive behavior within the home, typically involving the violent abuse of a spouse or partner. Think of the times in your neighborhood you heard a woman scream or the times you were visiting someone and a violent argument broke out and you ended up fleeing before getting into the fight or being hurt. The behavior in these domestic violence cases seems to be so similar with their being a perpetrator and a victim or victims. Each time a domestic act is carried out it breaks down the fabric of home life in America.


The whole idea of someone being with another human being and the only way they get off is to dominate another individual like they are an animal or some kind of pet is repulsive. Some pets are treated better than many humans. This need to dominate and control is as primitive as Jezebel and Eve. You would think that society in America especially would be more humane than societies in the past; however the education level doesn’t seem to make a difference in America but I am appalled at the amount of domestic violence reported.


The way it is going makes you wonder if we as a society will destroy ourselves and not even have the family structure that was originally given by God; it seems that many in society are bent on fulfilling their lustful needs rather than strengthening the tie for family values. This concept of family values has been eroded by the introduction of the alternate family structures into our society.


With more diverse family structures and alternate family values in place it appears the breakdown of the family is continuing to erode with increasing reporting of domestic violence. When people come together to form a family unit whether traditional or alternative without proper counsel and commitment domestic violence is present. Is there truly a solution to lessen the reporting numbers of domestic violence; I believe if families regardless of their origin would submit to premarital counseling and other strategies that determine success or failure less domestic violence would occur.


It is amazing that on the calendar for most Americans is the acknowledgment of a month dedicated to domestic violence and its eradication. Knowledge is power when used to change situations negative or positive. The knowledge about domestic violence and the various forums presented illustrate the urgent need to change behaviors not modify it, but change behaviors of men and women who hurt each other by some form of domestic violence.


The message must be publicized in every avenue available to human kind about the pain and destruction of domestic violence. We know it is only one of many destructive powers unleashed by our common enemy the devil. The spirit of domestic violence crosses all boundaries even those who claim salvation can be found at times ravished by it clutches.


The solution must come from within a person to acknowledge whatever is tormenting them and causing their anti-social behavior to cease and desist and learn to live peaceably in society. I believe even the person who says they love Jesus who has not resolved their internal issues must also come to grips with the dark force that is within them. The solution I select is one of dealing with each person’s past, face and resolve unresolved issues, forgive those that need forgiving including one’s self and allow the Holy Spirit to transform the individual into the changed person they need to be.


The process mentioned in the last sentence is call Inner Healing and Spiritual Transformation which can be received and practiced by those who believe in Christian process of healing and deliverance by the Holy Spirit. Obviously there are those in society who do not believe in the concept mentioned who are either victims of domestic violence or perpetrators of it who will need to find if there is another solution to help them out of their downward spiral.


Are you ready to be freed from domestic violence?  





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