Thoughts on the recent American National Election!

 By: Loren Due, DMin, Ph.D.

Article 26

I find it very interesting that some people pointed to possible numerology in the election results by asking about these numbers and behaviors: 9/11 and 11/9 = Twin Towers, President Elect Donald Trump and President Elect Donald Trump and President Herbert Hoover have the same combinations of being Republican Presidents, House of Representatives Republican Majority and Senate Republicans Majority. We remember what happened in 1929 – Stock Market crash and worst depression ever.

The numbers referenced above beg the question was something going on in the spiritual realm that caused these two events to have numbers associated with them that brings to mind disaster! It could be people who dibble and dabble in witchcraft ascertain these observations whatever the origin it is convenient to associate the numbers as some do. The common denominator is disaster.

More ominous is the comparison of 1929 to 2016 with the three branches of service in Washington, DC with Presidency, House of Representatives and the US Senate all being controlled by the Republicans; this is not a good thing if you believe history repeats itself. To complicate things rumor has it that the President-Elect Trump will put men who from all appearance are not qualified to do the job. It was reported that the banks are happy about his choice for the czar over the financial institutions.

What is Donald Trump all about – Donald Trump! I didn’t even know he was a German until after the election when my wife told me that his grandfather was thrown out of Germany. This article is not an expose on what I know about Donald Trump, but rather what winning the election by Donald Trump (so far – too much speculation that he might be impeached) has done to the American people. I am speaking of all the people in America who voted for Donald Trump,  those who voted for someone else and of course those who did not vote.

Donald Trump’s impact on all America and the world is astounding. Someone in the political heaven did not really calculate what winning the election would do for Donald Trump and its impact on all related. There are so many factions that are impacted by the behavior of this man that I believe on God knows all the combinations of impact. The obvious impacts are conservative versus liberal, rich versus poor and white versus all other ethnic groups. If Donald Trump survives many writers will have a field day publishing documents about this character and how he impacted the world positively and negatively.

I call him a character because he is and wants to be seen as an icon. He gives the appearance of being in complete control all the time which makes me know that he has a very terrible weakness that he does not want anyone to know. Insecurity is obvious to the trained eye. Just as evil and vindictive ways are known of those who always want to get even when they don’t get there way. Is that true of Donald Trump?

You will have to draw your own conclusions about him as time passes by because this article will not pass judgement but rather raise questions. You have to make your own call about his impact on you and your life. I believe all aspects of life will be impacted to some degree or another. The image gods have their work cut out for them in dealing with Donald Trump. Christians that believe the Bible know that when one attempts to control everything they are considered to be into witchcraft. Is that true of Donald Trump?

As long as Donald Trump stays in office and is not impeached everyone will need to find a way to deal with life and the changes that occur to their life as a result of Donald Trump’s actions. Some of what will happen to all of us will probably be unpleasant because some of what we will encounter will be second and third hand residual actions from his fan club. One thing in particular that will impact everyone are those who feel empowered by his racial stand. When you are white in America you have privilege and all other ethnic groups are subservient. Is Donald Trump a racist and bigot?

You can legislate equality and other social laws but until people get it in the brain that we ALL come from the same red blood and the first man on planet was of the earth from Africa. People say they believe the Bible but do they when it comes to where man first came from and that Jesus was not anglo!

Tighten your seat belt for how long this trip will be with Donald Trump remains to be seen and some have established a clock that is ticking the days, hours, minutes and seconds until the next National Elections for President of the United States of America.

Can you believe Donald Trump is the President of the United States of America?

Is this a dream or a nightmare?

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