Testimony from a follower!

January 10/2017

I first discovered the Dr. and Sister Due’s ministry while they were ministering on Omegaman Radio. I have to say that this ministry is absolutely life changing and transformational. Through their ministry, the Lord delivered me from a lifetime of generational bondages, witchcraft curses, rejection, fear, anxiety, spirits of heaviness and unforgiveness.

When I first came to the Dues I was burdened with toxic familial relationships that were literally making me sick and robbing me of my future. I was vexed with mental bondages, spirits of arrested development, heaviness and pythos. The Lord used these beautiful people to patiently minister deliverance, and inner healing through the words of knowledge, prayer, and the Word; walking me through the doors of complete and total freedom of my mind and spirit. They exposed individuals that were practicing witchcraft against me and then walked me through deliverance and total forgiveness of the offenders.
I got not only personal freedom but generational freedom; my father’s family had sorely mistreated my mother and then in turn mistreated me and were then going to mistreat my children, passing this curse of the the black sheep from generation to generation. But through the Dues’ ministry the Lord empowered me to severe those demonic ties with my father’s family that not only saved my life but the life of my mother and unborn children. The re-start button was pressed on my life and now I have moved forward in the freedom and newness of life in Christ Jesus. May God bless the Dues for their sacrificial service to the Lord’s people!!!!

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