Testimony of Healing!

December 2016
Good afternoon Elder to you and your wife.
I am writhing you today to share my mom’s testimony as she and my father described it to me the very next day after we met on the phone for prophetic prayer and deliverance. She asked me to put it in words.
It was late in the afternoon the next day, my dad was back from work and my mother was sitting in her usual chair in the living room next to the oxygen bottle that she was starting to use more frequently. All of a sudden she started coughing uncontrollably, then at some point during the coughing spell she lost control over her bladder she said it was very strong release. With all of this happening my father came rushing to her aid and as she jumped up gasping for air they grabbed each other by the arms and was staring at each other. My mom was quiet at that moment just staring at him, she said she thought that this was the end and for a few moments she said she felt like she died. My father obviously shocked at this stage said to her hold on I’m going to phone 911, but she said wait, just wait and she sat down, now feeling relieve after the experience. She says she felt it leave her. Praise to our Lord Jesus. Ever since that day up to today my mother has not had the need to use the oxygen. Even that same night she never used it. She is thanking and praising Jesus. She also shared her testimony on a group message to friends and family.  She is still not completely healed as your wife said it will be a process for her to heal and as you said it takes the body 5 years to be healed when quitting smoking. But there is definitely already a major difference and obvious deliverance that took place. Please correct me if I am wrong, I explained to my mother that these demons executing a curse come out by coughing or any other way by which we expel things from our body and by her loosing control over her bladder that was the way some of them left her.
Praise and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ!
We all want to thank you and your wonderful wife from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to pray and counsel with us. May God bless you both exceedingly and abundantly in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
My father said he was skeptical about deliverance but he now believes. He says my mother is another person. She is doing things that would usually leave her gasping for air.  He is also smoking much less since then and also smokes outside of the living room when my mom is there and has stopped smoking in their bedroom. I’m praying for him that he will be delivered from smoking and that his mind and heart will be loosed so that he can truly see and except Jesus as his Savior.

Much love and appreciation 🙂


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