Food for all!

By: Loren Due

Article 32


Why are there hungry people in our society where they throw food away it seems at will? Warehouses full of food and no one to eat it! Or is it that they have no one to serve the food? Where are the food servers? Whatever the case there seems to be a lot of food available for people who do not know it exists. I know the media says there are food shortages, but why are there warehouses with food being thrown away?


To read about people starving around the world is disheartening and makes you wonder why the disparity. More important to us here in America is why there is food and people who don’t know where it is! This poses a big question of how to get the food to the people who are not getting enough?


We hear of families who are on welfare who are getting their food stamps reduced from $645.00 a month to $88.00 a month for a family of 5 which includes a mother and 4 children or a family of 7 going from $859.00 to $125.00 a month for food. These are examples which are extreme and no fault of the family but the system.


You have different programs being established by businesses that provide food that is served in restaurants being made available in refrigerators left outside the establishment for people to get each night after the business closes and when customers are gone. This report is coming out of Europe.


In America we have programs where excess food in stores and restaurants is being given to food banks and non-profits to feed people; this food comes to the food banks and non-profits typically weekly. This ability to provide excess food comes as a result of good food management by grocery food chains and other food providers.


As a result of the good food management the food banks and non-profits can be beneficiaries of good quality food that has expiration dates that could be way in the future. This whole concept of food management allows the food providers to be better stewards of the resources they provide. Efficient planning cycles allow the food providers to plan for excesses that will be use up by food banks and non-profits rather than being discarded in the local trash.


A question asked earlier in the article: Where are the food servers? The answer is that different people who are given an assignment by God answer the call differently to serve food. Each person has a unique call on their life and the individual must learn what to do with his gift or gifts. The most amazing thing is that some people have multiple gifts and can select which gift gives them the most satisfaction and brings glory to the Kingdom of God.


The food servers and providers have a heart to ensure people have enough food when it is available. There are testimonies of servers and providers who were once homeless and without adequate food and clothing. Some who overcame these deficiencies find ways to make a full or partial career helping others get the food and clothing they need.


There are a number of technical reports published about food and its tributaries that are design to tell the story of the flow of food in this country. This article is not meant to be a scientific article about food but create in you the desire to be more sensitive to the needs of people when it comes to food.


The upper class is not concerned with these issues more than likely unless they have a way to turn a buck, however, what’s left of the middle class and the poor are concerned about having enough food at a reasonable cost or free. When you are able to shop in grocery stores you discover when you do comparative shopping from store to store you observe that there are many price disparities.


Because our society is based on free enterprise the prices can vary from store to store, even stores that are right across the street from each other could have steep variances in price. The shoppers that have the time and patience must learn to price and quality shop from store to store ensuring that they take into account the cost of comparative shopping.


However people who don’t have the resources to price shop or have enough money to buy everything they want and need benefit from those who set up permanent and make-shift pantries. They have provisions for people to come to the pantry whereby the food is typically served first come first serve. It is an understood fact that the food provider desires that the recipients will take a reasonable portion and be mindful of other people getting food.


When possible food pantry recipients should bring their own bags to the food pantry and be on their best behavior; food pantries can be at the back of an office complex, actual center design to distribute food or any place designated to distribute food in a clean environment or a church dining hall. Where ever the pantry is will be a place that draws a crowd because they have stated recently that the government is cutting programs which will leave more people with less food and resources.


Will you help me feed the people?

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