Testimony from a family!


Good morning, Dr. Due!

I spoke with you and Prophetess Arjeana months ago and asked you to pray with me about my custody case.  I had the situation where my ex husband had my son 4 days a week and I had him 3 with no weekend time, and my son had claimed that he had been touched inappropriately by his grandmother.
I wanted to update you guys because you counseled and prayed with and for us.
In November 2016,the judge presiding over the case was voted off of the bench and a new judge took office in January. It took us until April 5 to get a trial date set, but it ended up canceled due to the threat of extremely inclement weather. We were reset for trial July 6 and 7, and given an April 17 date for a hearing on motions filed, chiefly those dealing with objections to evidence we submitted. We then filed to change custodial periods so that I had my son on the weekends instead of during the week. After we submitted our evidence, the opposing side reached out and requested mediation.
Well, we had our hearing, and everything went in my favor. God changed the custodial time – and more. We not only got the custodial times changed, but  my now gets every 1st, 3rd and 5th WEEKEND and one overnight visit during the opposite weeks. He has until the end of this month to catch up on his child support (which is 5 payments in arrears).
We have a final hearing July 6 and 7. However, they reached out about mediation a couple of weeks ago, and we are shooting for beginning to mid-May.
God is GOOOOOOD! THANK YOU for standing with me all this time! I trust God that the outcome will be JUST as awesome a testimony!

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