Can you change the past?

Can you change the past?

December 29, 2017

Loren C. Due, PhD, DMin

Article 46

The question being asked is rhetorical and yet there is one thing you can change about the past that is not obvious. That’s what this short article is about; how you change the past or it’s perception.


The past for the most part is casted in stone and concrete; which means from a perception point of view what happen happened. It means that what happened in the past can’t be changed or altered, but I want you to think about that real good as you go into 2018.


As we go into 2018 we are leaving behind many a thing and situations that may not have set well with us. For the most part those things that do not sit well with our thinking were cast in stone. Although they may have been negative and hurtful we still have an opinion of them.


Most of the time our negative and hurtful feelings stay in that place of pain and anger because we don’t know that we can exchange it for something else. The something else is the seed of equivalent benefit which The Lord brings about to take the negative and turn it around to a positive.


It becomes a positive by you understanding that the negative was meant for your destruction by the Lord takes the negative and turns it around for a positive and the glory of the Lord.


What we mean by the Lord turning it around for his glory is how he worked it out for Joseph in the book Genesis with Joseph family. Joseph’s brothers intended to kill him but the Lord allowed him to go through a series of situations before he was elevated to be the second in command to Pharaoh in Egypt.


Just as the Lord worked it for Joseph so he will do for you when you commit your way to Him and allow him to take that negative and turn it for His glory.


Are you willing to let the negative go and commit your way to the Lord so that you will have a positive change in your life. The most difficult thing when letting go of the negative is the willingness not to take revenge or try to get even.


When you give it to the Lord and allow Him to work it out you discover as Joseph did in Genesis that you rise to the top and the negative is consumed in utter defeat.


Try it and take the negative experience(s) from 2017 and give them to the Lord and not take it into 2018!


Are you going to let it go?   

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