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November 5, 2018


Article 58


Intrigue and deception are the order of the day. Sensual behavior, illusions and sometime downright gross actions are depictive of the main characters of our society. The age of truth is now a time of lies, what do you want to hear and what fancies you. If it feels good, to you it is all right even if it hurts others. The callous attitude and non-caring behavior is symptomatic of many of our citizens. If you have a true friend, it is probably your wife or husband and the Lord. I know you are thinking this is harsh, yes, it is and that is to reflect the overall behavior of our society in 2018.


It all started in the Garden of Eden with the snake and Eve and continued with Lot’s wife until now. Now is whenever you are reading this and hoping the end is near because you cannot take much more. Do not yield to the enemy and take your own life no matter how saved you think you are or you should be! The time is now to go deeper into your own understanding and help others who will kill themselves if they do not hear a positive word from you.



One common thing is the desire not to talk about suicide. Very few are willing to let their truth be known for fear of invasion of privacy. The embarrassment of desiring to commit suicide grips many who believe it is wrong to take your own life, but they feel so depressed and hopeless. Despair is an awful place to be with so much life all around you and it seems there is no escape! Suicide is not in the news very often and not like so many other twisted things. If we talk about it we either are opposed to it or support it with reservations. How can a true believer support it?



As we wonder through this mess of words’ we find we are entering the world of pedophilia. A secret world of men and women who thrive on young flesh is real. They desire to lower the age of consent to 10 or less. There are fathers, grandfathers, mothers’ grandmothers and more who burn with passion for young flesh only to fulfill the scriptures that place the day and time we live-in as the most perverse time in the history of man. You would think that with all the single people with the age of accountability that the pedophiles would have their choice of legal partners, but that is not what they want. This whole life and desire of pedophiles is twisted to those who have a sense of morality and obedience to God’s law



A person tells a fellow member that they are in the wrong place and that they should go to a different church. Perhaps they say to you have you heard about sister so in so and who she is going with! On the other hand, the pastor tells you, “you have to return tithes or you can’t be a member of this church.” In another instance you find yourself in a cross fire between members gossiping about each other and hear something that was said in confidence to your pastor by you about a delicate situation. You find out that the church mother has a boyfriend living with her and they are not married. Then you hear the pastor on a Sunday morning tell people if they do not like the way he does things they can move on. The final straw discovered when your best friend tells you she is having an affair with your mutual married pastor.



There are those who believe they are born gay with the internal desire to love their own. They believe that somewhere after birth but before adulthood, they were born to like their own kind – male with male and female with female. In this era, more and more parents are discovering their children to be transgendered and they are supporting them in every way instead of fighting them as was the case in days in the past. These parents and children are going the distance to make sure of transformation from Male to Female (MTF) and Female to Male (FTM). The twisting occurs when real men have sex with a MTF and the MTF maintains their male body with female breast. Twisted thinking further occurs when females have sex with females who bandage their breast and use a dildo to fulfill their role as a male. Either way it is still gay/lesbian behavior. There are denominations who accept homosexuality and lesbianism as normal, twisted teaching of the Bible they claim to follow!



Music that comforts, soothes, mellows, delights and so forth at times now does the exact opposite of what you are expecting. Instruments played like what they are not. Rhythms that play out of time and dissonance made to sound smooth. Use the opposite hand to display the chord. Sing in the next key pretending to be singing in tune. Instead of singing screaming to the wrong beat. Sliding and slithering to it rather than gyrating.



Tithing is the method by which many give to the church 10% of what they earn after taxes. This concept of giving or returning the tithe to Lord is a means of multiplying seed sown. There are those who say tithing is under the law and not for today. Many of those who take this position suffer financially because they refuse to return to the tithe. On the other, hand you have many who if they could swear would swear by the fact that they return the tithe and were immensely blessed. Yet God says in the good book (Bible) to prove me which when you read it sounds like a general challenge to all. All I can say, twisted it is to ignore God’s challenge and see what happens.



Noah discovered the gift of grace from when everyone around him was perverted. He, his wife, his sons and their wives delivered from the flood. Yet when they repopulated the earth several years later Lot appears on the scene and sits in the gate of Sodom and Gomorrah while the rest of the community is inflamed in sexual perversion. Noah and Lot practiced 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 (KJV) 24 Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run, that ye may obtain.25 And every man that striveth for the mastery is temperate in all things. Now they do it to obtain a corruptible crown; but we an incorruptible.
26 I therefore so run, not as uncertainly; so fight I, not as one that beateth the air: 27 But I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection: lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway.
Noah and Lot discovered self-control and did not touch the strange flesh. Are you touching the strange flesh?



Speaking of strange flesh, we have the story of Tamara and her half-brother in I Samuel 18 with all the detail you need to know about how some rapes and incest occur. The man after God’s heart had a family like so many today a dysfunctional family. You may ask yourself, how that happened! When sin is involve in your life you may repent or you may not, but the principal states that you reap what you sow. King David committed murder and adultery, but God sent the Prophet Nathan to give him his lesson. The twisting occurred when the uncle told the nephew how to have his sister without asking his father for her hand. In those days that all he had to do was follow protocol.



We live in a country that knows its president does not tell the truth and yet that is not a prerequisite for the presidency. Twisting the truth is what the prophet Isaiah would happen in the future and the future is here. You read this scripture: Isaiah 5:20 (AMP) 20 Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! When you see, a scripture that starts with “Woe” America needs to take heed.



Twisted = a man to take pictures of women using the bathroom? Yes. Twisted = cameras all over your city and planes and satellites in the sky with penetrating lasers that show you in the bed with your wife! Why are people watching each other in a free society? What is the purpose of Big Brother in our society today? These questions are thought provokers. Big Brother is here to stay with all the innovations in technology.



Twisting of values and norms is the way now and the future. I believe the last big gimmick for the Devil is to use deception by twisting the truth. He twists the truth now as he did with Eve in the garden and people still fall for it. Fortification with Word of God (Bible) helps to reduce deception by the dark one – Lucifer. Deception often times is subtle and catches the person off guard. However, when one succumbs to deception eventually their eyes may come open if they seek truth. Only the truth can set you free.



People have it twisted about the universe not being God. They just want to pretend it is something bigger by acknowledging it is the universe instead of God. God is the universe and more.




Why are some saints scared of death when the last enemy is death and Jesus will destroy it? Twisted are many who serve the devil instead of God because of deception. Words of death used in so many ways especially when they speak: “Death and Life are in the power of the tongue!” When one learns how to speak life, the need for death soon flees.



If God created  the other worlds as stated here: Hebrews 1:2 (KJV) 2 Hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son, whom he hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also he made the worlds; Who are we to say that aliens, clones and other creature do not exist? Twisted it is to believe that God only made this world with all its chaos and challenges only; this world is one of many worlds God created. The beauty for us of all this chaos and challenges is that He sent His son Jesus to redeem us. This world is not our home; we are only passing through.  I know many Christians will make this some big discussion but it has very little value if any to our salvation other than knowing we are here to save others and ourselves.


Twisted it is for saints to think that everybody that is saved is heterosexual. God is the judge of all. There are those not delivered from hating their father for raping them or their mother for molesting them. There are also those who enjoy the company of the same sex and are not having sex with them – having sex with the same-sex is what constitutes fornication or adultery. Twisting of our mouth on people condemning them without knowing the facts – let God be the judge. Just because one in his or her mind enjoys multiple sexual activities but does not act on it does not mean that person is going to hell. Let us be real and know that we live in the most perverted time sexually of all times. I believe that as long as you are not practicing ill-licit sex you are on safe ground with the Lord. Remember that marriages are sacred and honorable as it says here: Hebrews 13:4 (KJV)
4 Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge. I believe the only thing God does not want in marriage is abuse.



Twisted are those who think they will succeed in God and his business and be jealous. Jealousy is one of many sins. The scripture says it this way: Nahum 1:2 (KJV)  2 God is jealous, and the LORD revengeth; the LORD revengeth, and is furious; the LORD will take vengeance on his adversaries, and he reserveth wrath for his enemies. When you try to do something that belongs to God such as taking revenge, you are sinning. This scripture alone sets the record straight about God, jealousy, revenge and wrath. It is a dangerous place to be jealous.


Why should someone envy someone else when he or she, could have what he or she envies if it was supposed to be for he or she? There are many scriptures dealing with envy but here is one: Galatians 5:26 (KJV) 26 Let us not be desirous of vain glory, provoking one another, envying one another. Here is what happens when there is strife and envy: James 3:16 (AMP) 16 For wherever there is jealousy (envy) and contention (rivalry and selfish ambition), there will also be confusion (unrest, disharmony, rebellion) and all sorts of evil and vile practices. How twisted one can be to allow envy and strife to control one’s life.


Twisted it is for a true follower of Jesus to visit a psychic when Jesus appointed prophets to represent him. Why go hear the Devil speak when you can hear from God.  Twisted minds wants to hear what pleases them not what will edify them.



Twisted is the thought that a psychic/medium is a prophet or prophetess!  Why would God say in His word that gifts and callings are without repentance? Real prophets and prophetess give all honor and glory to God not the Devil.



These are only a few of the thoughts that saints and others have and some of them are twisted.


Are some of your thoughts twisted?















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