Testimony June 9, 2020

Blessings in Christ to you Pastor Due and Prophetess Sister Due!
When we spoke on Sunday night you said that God gave Prophetess Due a word for Kelly and I. May I call you about that?  

I also somehow need to put into words how you and your uncompromised love  for Jesus,  your testimonies, and preaching have impacted me. I’m so grateful for your ministry and for your faithfulness to the Lord. God has richly blessed me and encouraged my heart not only through your words but even more so through your humble quiet spirit, your love, and your faith that just exudes the presence and power of God. I can’t really put into words how it feels like the Lord meets with me and speaks to me in a special way through your testimony and prayers and just your life example of who you are in Christ. I am inspired and refreshed. 

Thank you! Praise the Lord!

You KNOW that your God given mission is being fulfilled when those whom God puts in your path are inspired to know and be more like Jesus- because of your example. Hallelujah! May the Lord continue to give me grace to keep dying to myself and become and act more and more like Christ in every circumstance through the power of His Holy Spirit. Oh I just LOVE the Lord!!

It seems like God is starting to break  off the chains that have held me back from fulfilling his purpose in my life. Hallelujah!  I am nothing without Him. Thank you Jesus!

Love and blessings to both of you,Your Sister in Christ,

Haidee Hammond 

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