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Testimony June 9, 2020

Blessings in Christ to you Pastor Due and Prophetess Sister Due!When we spoke on Sunday night you said that God gave Prophetess Due a word for Kelly and I. May I call you about that?…

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Testimony from a family!

04/19/2017 Good morning, Dr. Due! I spoke with you and Prophetess Arjeana months ago and asked you to pray with me about my custody case.  I had the situation where my ex husband had my…

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Gwen Richardson

Facebook Gwen Richardson mentioned you in a comment. Gwen Richardson March 22 at 9:07pm It takes more than prayer although prayer is involved. I’d consult the experts in this field. One of them is Dr….

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Testimony of Healing!

December 2016 Good afternoon Elder to you and your wife. I am writhing you today to share my mom’s testimony as she and my father described it to me the very next day after we…

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Testimony from a follower!

January 10/2017 Testimony I first discovered the Dr. and Sister Due’s ministry while they were ministering on Omegaman Radio. I have to say that this ministry is absolutely life changing and transformational. Through their ministry,…

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Healed of Crohn’s disease!

I knew something was wrong but I let fear overtake my better judgement.  I had been fatigued, sick, and having constant pain and bloating in my abdominal area for over a year yet never went to…